Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Challenge

Picture 1

Our next challenge has come way outta left feild, from a guy named Tom, Perth W.A. He says:

"Hi, my name is Thomas,
The scope of Mr Squiggle seems to be evolving fasta then pasta, so I'm going to continue that trend. To do that, I'm going to mess with one of the main rules of Mr Squiggle. Previously, to my knowledge, Squigglers had to always keep the squiggle as the top layer in their piece.
Today, that rule will change, you can draw over this squiggle as much as you want. Obviously, in theory, you could cover the entire image and not incorporate my squiggle at all...
but how boring would that be?
Good luck Babes and Dudes, sorry to be a dick.
Love Thomas."


Schmacko said...

I just accidentally wandered into this site. These are awesome. Where would I find the "rules" you all speak of (I'd only be reading them as a spectater since I don't have an artistic bone in my body.

Campbell said...

The rules can be found in the first challenge here...
But were then broken in the follow challenge, so they're not set in stone or anything.

Julie said...

I enjoyed looking at all the images!
I just got back from st pete where I enjoyed going to the Salvador Dali museum.