Friday, April 14, 2006

Whaa! Karate Chop!


you asked me that before and I said, "a serve of hot dancer"


Mr Squiggle said...

ok so I don't really speak french. erotic is supposed to be 'erotique'. and I am unsure whether it is the right "the" out of le, la and les.

If you know the best way of saying it then let me know otherwise - c'est la vie!

Campbell said...

That's great!
Kick ass art references and all that stuff.
We know what the deal is here.

spangle said...

hot chichs, french words, great art ohh laa laa!!

Anthony said...

The correct way is "Le papillon érotique" FYI...

Tim Bowman said...

You guys rock.
Congrats on the webpage, it's fanatasic.


Tim Bowman said...

G'day Suigglians,

I just wanted to say, Awesome weblog. Really cool page.


LisxCore xxx said...

This really is amazing. You guys have real talent. best I can do is a wonky smiley face in paint. =P

Much love

Ken Matsushi said...

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Erik Mann said...

great post, i'll come visit again soon...erik