Monday, April 02, 2007




I did it again suckafish!



Mark said...

Hey Campbell,

It's Mark - we used to play hockey for WASPs together many years ago. I haven't seen you in ages. I heard you went to the Eastern States but now you're back and that's awesome. I found your name while searching for erotic art and, based on this, I would very much like to catch up.* E-mail me cedarsx AT gmail DOT com or SMS me 0405 060 303. Also the squiggle is very well done for a very difficult starting point.

Hope to hear from you soon!
Mark (Pazolli).

* P.S. Just so you're not too freaked out, I was joking about the erotic art thing. I actually found this website from a newspaper clipping dated Tuesday, May 2, 2006. I found the erotic art thing while I was Googling for more contact details on you.

Anrui said...

I love this game.. it's so fun to watch. I'm using the coi drawing [from a while back?] as the background for my mp3 player. It's so good! :]

James said...

I love this blog. It's my favorite.

brooke said...

your painting is very weird i don't really get it and why is it titled oops?

Anonymous said...

why oops

Great Brit said...

So i see that this art work (the guy holding the diamond, with the moon to the left) corosponds almost exactly with the one below it where there are 2 incomplete circles and rays circling it. Was that ment to be?? i like it.

Anonymous said...


hi said...

hey. i'm in a south-african band.
your painting inspired me to write a song. i love it, it's tremendously deep.


Anonymous said...

i get the "opps" HAHA. awesome.